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xxxHOLiC live action preview

Everytime I think I'm done with xxxholic, something new gets thrown my way. Apparently not satisfied with having Watanuki cameo in 'Drug & Drop', CLAMP will be resuming the manga in Feb . I don't know where CLAMP will be taking this since everyone except Watanuki is gone but can they at least show what on earth the friggin' egg that Doumeki has been keeping forever is meant for?? In any case, it can't get any worse than the ending of 'Rou' ... right?

Before we get new manga updates, the live action drama of xxxholic will be premiering on the 24th. When I first saw stills from the drama adaptation, I wasn't too keen on it because the cast looked too different from how I envisioned the characters to be. Even now I think Watanuki's actor doesn't look 'Watanuki' enough (and his deep voice is too Doumeki!) and Himawari deserves a prettier actress but after watching the 5 minute opening and other clips, I'm getting excited for the drama. The tone of the opening scene makes the drama feel creepier than I remember the manga or anime to be but in general the sets and costumes are gorgeous and help bring the strange world of xxxholic to life.

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